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Webinar Date: May 22, 2019
Webinar Time: 12 PM Pacific
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A common question that we get asked by our customers is “what security product or service will give me the best return on my investment?”

Although we would like to respond that this isn’t the best question to help formulate an in-depth security strategy, it is none-the-less a question that IT managers increasingly have to ask themselves of their limited resources. Interestingly enough, the one definitive answer that we can give is Cisco’s Umbrella product.

It can add a significant level of security across your entire IT environment, regardless of your current firewalls, endpoint protection, or monitoring solutions…and with a laughingly simple deployment method. Umbrella is the successor to OpenDNS, and its role is to stop clients from connecting to malicious Internet sites and even intelligently proxying connections that may be iffy, whether their machines are inside the corporate network or out on the road. Join us for a dive into Cisco Umbrella, with a discussion of how it works, and a demo of what it looks like in the real world.

Alex Wehmeier
Chief Technology Architect
LA Networks

Alex Wehmeier has been involved with system, network design and operations for a few decades. He has been responsible for the design and operations of enterprise systems and networks, both as the customer and as the consulting partner. Alex is passionate about technology, and how to leverage it as a tool to solve complex business issues.

He is currently a Chief Technology Architect at LA Networks, and is primarily focused on network security solutions.