Event Overview:

Title: IOS - All The Small Things Date: August 8th, 2018 Time: 12 PM Pacific Time Presenter: Jason Bomar

LA Networks Is Taking An In-Depth Look At The Hidden Features And Functions Of IOS.

In this webinar session, we will cover all of the small items in IOS which often get overlooked, but can ultimately have a huge impact - little commands that have been hidden away and are just waiting to be utilized. If you have a few favorites, please bring them, and we can make this an interactive discussion!

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About the presenter:

Jason Bomar is the Chief Networking Architect for LA Networks and has over 20 years’ experience with networking. He’s worked on everything from the smallest networks to huge enterprises and ISP networks. He specializes in advanced routing, switching, SDN, and network automation. When he isn’t designing data centers, he can be found helping to run the oldest Cisco user group in the country, SCCUG – which he helped start in 1999. He has had his CCIE for over 15 years and is passionate about enterprise technology. Jason graduated from the University of Southern California with a BA in Mathematics in 1991.

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