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Ever type a ping or ssh and typo the address and have to wait for a timeout?  Or wished your logs didn’t interrupt your ability to configure a device?  Come learn all sorts of neat but often overlooked network tricks that are hidden in IOS (and maybe a few other network operating systems as well).  Due to the nature of the talk we will probably cover some design and operations practices as well.  Please bring loads of questions and perhaps even a few commands of your own!

Presenters: Jason Bomar – jbomar@la-networks.com

When: Thursday, August 11, 2016, 7:00 pm, Pacific Daylight Time

Where: Cisco Glendale Offices – 101 North Brand Ave., 17th floor, Glendale CA 91203

Event Sponsors: Cisco, LA Networks

About the Presenter:

Jason Bomar is a routing and switching CCIE with over 20 years hands on experience with Cisco technology. He works for one of Cisco’s premier VAR’s – LA Networks – which also helps sponsor the SCCUG group. He has been involved with SCCUG since 1999 when it was started.