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It’s a valid question, as Los Angeles businesses of all types are increasingly targeted by opportunistic cyber-thieves. But, who can offer you the most vigilant protection from ransomware in Los Angeles in an ongoing and reliable fashion?

How can LA Networks help you where others fail?

We have many anti-malware weapons in our arsenal – and one of them is our “Ransomware Defense for Dummies” e-Book (Special Edition), brought to you through us by Cisco.

Inside, you will find a wealth of information about how you can protect your computer network from the sudden and often devastating nature of a ransomware attack.

In it, you will learn all about:

  • What ransomware is?
  • How to implement ransomware risk-mitigation practices.
  • How to build “Best of Breed” security architecture.
  • Cisco ransomware defense
  • 10 key ransomware defense strategies, and more.

It’s about total IT security, not just ransomware.

Yes, we can help you far reduce your chances of being hit by a ransomware virus; but, it’s about employing network-wide security tools that cover not just ransomware and email security, but all network security contingencies in a continuous fashion.

What happens if you have already sustained or in the case of a ransomware attack?

You do have options once a ransomware virus has infected your computer – particularly if it’s halted from spreading to other computers on your network.

If you’ve incurred a ransomware attack, it is very important that you turn your computer off and disconnect it from all networks to minimize it spreading. This particular form of malware will pervade your IT systems and encrypt anything the infected machine is linked to, including external drives and data backups.

If you do have a backup that hasn’t been compromised, you should be able to restore your machine to a point before the attack occurred. Unfortunately, if you do not have a backup, those encrypted files are gone unless you pay the ransom – though we don’t necessarily advise paying any ransomware demands.

Most ransomware can be removed with regular anti-virus software (or ransomware-specific cleaners). You won’t have ransomware anymore — and you may be able to use your computer to some extent – but this will not decrypt your compromised files; it will only remove the active virus from your machine.

Moreover, it is very important that you have an IT professional investigate to be sure the malware is completely gone, as ransomware viruses are always changing and adapting to stay hidden.

What makes us the best ransomware security specialists in LA?

LA Networks is a Southern California-based Cisco Gold partner that routinely keeps Los Angeles businesses free of all security threats. We enjoy an unparalleled reputation with Cisco as a “go-to” partner that has landed us some of their biggest and best accounts. We are located in Sherman Oaks, CA, and service the entire Los Angeles area.

Ready to get the best ransomware protection in LA?

For top-notch ransomware protection from IT consultants who truly can help, contact us at (818) 333-4880 or email us at info@la-networks.com for more information, and be sure to download our e-Book on how to protect yourself from ransomware in Los Angeles!