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Human capital is one of the most important business assets and also one of the most elusive. Today’s employees are staying only an average of around 4 years, far different than years past when people regularly stayed with the same company for over a decade. Job stability is a serious concern for organizations, who often find […]

For CEOs, digital transformation has changed the game. CEOs today need new approaches to leadership, planning and vision. Otherwise, they risk leaving themselves and their companies falling behind in the wake of rapidly changing technologies. The last decade has seen a remarkable rise in digitally disruptive technologies that have forever changed business models, business processes […]

Webinar Date: May 22, 2019 Webinar Time: 12 PM Pacific Register: Click Here A common question that we get asked by our customers is “what security product or service will give me the best return on my investment?” Although we would like to respond that this isn’t the best question to help formulate an in-depth […]

Monitoring employee behavior is nothing new, as supervisors have been stalking their staff for generations. What has changed is the degree to which employee behavior is transparent in the workplace, with sophisticated monitoring solutions in play one could argue that nothing is truly sacred when it comes to being monitored by your business. It is […]

Whether you are a cybersecurity expert or not, there are some security risks that every business leader needs to be aware of—and UEFI rootkits definitely fall into that category. These nasty computer viruses are uniquely dangerous to your computer systems because they do not get wiped out when you reformat your hard drive or reinstall […]

Evaluating information technology can be a challenging aspect of the CFO role. Your organization is likely inundated with requests for new IT features, and understanding the true value of many of them requires technical knowledge you may not have. The spending possibilities are nearly endless, and many CFOs have reason to be cautious. Perhaps you’ve […]