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What is Cisco IOS? Cisco IOS® Software is the world’s leading network infrastructure software, delivering a seamless integration of technology innovation, business-critical services, and hardware platform support. Currently operating on millions of active systems, ranging from the small home office router to the core systems of the world’s largest service provider networks, Cisco IOS Software is the most widely leveraged network infrastructure software in the world.

What’s PhishPoint? Phishing attacks are attempts to get e-mail recipients to provide sensitive information that can be used by the sender, generally presented as the authority of some account or business. They request that recipients provide information that could be misused for some type of illegal practical gain of the sender. An example of this […]

New Study Shows That the Global Cost of a Data Breach Is Up in 2018 The Ponemon Institute recently released its annual Cost of Data Breach Independent Study that was sponsored by IBM Security. This study included two new factors that impact data-breach costs: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the all-encompassing use of Internet of Things […]

In this corner, we have Cisco Systems, an American multinational technology conglomerate, headquartered in San Jose, California and creator of two heavyweight power products; FirePOWER and Virtual Next-Generation IPS (NGIPSv) for VMware.

Have you noticed that more and more things are connected to the internet these days? The “smart home” concept has proven the concept that things can be run more efficiently when everything is interconnected and easily controlled. What started as a home convenience has now paved the way for significant benefits for business as well. Read on to find out more.

There’s so much more to AWS than the cloud. Wouldn’t it be great if there were a simple roadmap that guides users on an AWS journey, like an “Intro to AWS: 101” syllabus?