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Cisco Talos analysts look at what is happening on the internet and then employ a “hacker mentality” to see what could be used by criminals to hurt individuals and businesses. Armed with that insight they go to work putting together a solution to resolve this potential vulnerability and to limit the options bad guys have to do harm.

LA Networks Jason Bomar – One of Select Few Partners to Present at Cisco Live 2018

With all the chatter about networks and the numerous acronyms floating around, it can be challenging to decide which provides the greatest benefits for a business.

Local government agencies are concerned by the lack of cybersecurity awareness among government employees and end users. This was a shocking discovery learned from a poll conducted by the Public Technology Institute back in September 2017. The poll found that there were two major factors that were working as obstacles to better cybersecurity. The number […]

The titans of enterprise-level networking technology, Cisco and VMware, have been locked in a battle for supremacy for quite some time. With the recent purchase of Viptela and VMware’s acquisition of Velocloud, they are setting themselves up for yet another round of toe-to-toe competition.

The age of IoT brings us new opportunities but challenges along with it–IoT devices of all kinds are being attacked by cybercriminals. IoT must be secure to deliver the efficiency and productivity it offers. The IoT attack surface is expansive, and it’s growing. There are over 8.4 billion IoT connected devices today, and that number […]