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The LA Networks team are specialists in Cisco products, support, and management.

You know that already.

What you may not know about is a division of Cisco called Talos Security Intelligence and Research Group.

Cisco Talos

The Talos team has been tasked with the sometimes overwhelming task of security research.

Why overwhelming?

Because there is so much criminal activity on the internet.

As soon as one threat is eliminated, another comes to take its place.

Do You Remember The Whack-A-Mole Arcade Game?

That was the one with the big hammer and the “moles” that popped out of their holes.

The goal was to hit the moles when they popped their heads above the “ground” of the game’s playing surface and earn points to win the game.

Staying ahead of online criminals is kind of like playing a multi-tiered game of Whack-A-Mole.

The difference?

The “moles” online do massive damage to companies, individuals – even educational institutions and governments.

Security research is not a game that we collectively can afford to lose.

Talos is determined to stay ahead of the bad guys and deny them the opportunity to profit off of their unlawful activity.

What Is Cisco Talos?

Because Cisco Talos does most of its work “behind the scenes” it isn’t a name that many business owners and corporate execs recognize. However, it’s more than likely that the attacks on their networks that have been neutralized have been able to be put down because of intelligence provided by the good people of Talos.

Talos is the people that gather, analyze, and distribute all the security data within the Cisco ecosystem.

Every day, 1.5 million malware instances are analyzed by the Talos staff members. This massive effort results in the prevention of 7.2 trillion attacks annually.

What does that mean?

That means that from the time a threat is discovered on the internet, through attempts to infiltrate customer IT systems, to remediation and neutralization of that threat, Talos information is used to power each step of combating the threat.

The Talos analysts look at what is happening on the internet and then employ a “hacker mentality” to see what could be used by criminals to hurt individuals and businesses. Armed with that insight they go to work putting together a solution to resolve this potential vulnerability and to limit the options bad guys have to do harm.

How Does Talus Keep The Bad Guys At Bay?

  • Combing through massive amounts of data and sifting through threat intelligence from sources across the globe
  • Attaining unparalleled threat visibility
  • Releasing open-source fixes (decryption tools) to ensure that everyone has current resolutions to emerging and ongoing threats
  • Tearing apart the bad guys’ command and control structures
  • Preventing cybercriminals from exchanging the data they need to continue their activities

How Does the LA Networks Team Use Cisco Talos for Southern California Businesses?

Let’s begin our exploration of the answer to this question at a high level.

The LA Networks team relies on real-time information provided by the security researchers at Talos to protect the businesses we serve throughout Southern California.

Their research team provides better visibility into potential threats and deeper insight into what is happening on the internet than any other organization in the marketplace.

How can they do it?

Talos works with all the players!

They work with law enforcement, internet service providers, large hosting companies, and even their competition to ensure that they have the right information to push out through the Cisco system and keep businesses safe.

Their goal?

Cut off every path that a criminal might use.

Annoy the bad guys so much that they’ll give up in utter despair!

Why Does The LA Networks Team Have Deep Respect For The Talos People And Work Product?

We’ve already talked about how good the Talos team is at “reading the tea leaves” and deciphering what the hacker is going to do next. They truly are remarkable. Talos comprises the most extensive threat detection network on the planet.

Just one quick example:

When Talos spots a vulnerability that a criminal may be able to exploit, they put together a fix or patch and push it out to all the Cisco hardware within the Cisco Collective Security Intelligence (CSI) ecosystem that could be targeted.

It’s that kind of proactive thinking that sets the Talos team apart from the rest.

But what we haven’t talked about yet is the ethos of sharing that permeates the culture of Talos.

Sharing what?

No, not their lunches.

(If you take the wrong sandwich out of the fridge in the lunch room at Talos, look out! – Especially if it’s Big Joe’s sandwich.)

So what do they share?

Everything else!

All the research is open source and published free of charge, so everyone can benefit from their insights into current and horizon-level threats.

What Does Cisco Talos Provide Threat Analysis For Within A Southern California Businesses That Use Cisco Products?

The simple answer is: If it is data that runs on, in, or through a Cisco device, Talos is responsible for the threat analysis side of the equation.

  • Networks
  • Email
  • Cloud
  • Web
  • Endpoints
  • Applications
  • Data Backup and Storage

The Six Key Areas of Talos Operations

  1. Threat Intelligence & Interdiction
  2. Detection Research
  3. Engine Development
  4. Vulnerability Research & Discovery
  5. Open Source & Education
  6. Global Outreach

The Conclusion

Why does LA Networks use the analytics and threat monitoring capability of Talos to make security decisions for the businesses that we serve?

  • Because Talos is REALLY GOOD at what they do.
  • Because we are Cisco partners.
  • Because we want the best for our clients, and Talos delivers.

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