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Your company is a busy enterprise – too busy for you to manage your own IT. But that’s okay! Outsourcing your technology care to the right IT service provider is a good thing.

Today’s technology is complex, and if you want your technology to be a net benefit to your business, it’s something you should leave to experts.


Because your data is an extremely valuable company asset!

Backing up your data to an onsite server alone is no longer adequate.  On-site servers are too vulnerable to localized disasters such as extended power outages, fires, floods, and criminal activity.

You need a secure backup solution, so your information is stored safely and is always available – even when your office is closed.

You need the LA Networks team!

We deliver:

  • Onsite backups
  • Replication of virtual machines to secondary site
  • Offsite cloud backup service
  • Managed Backup as a service
  • Disaster recovery services

LA Networks provides clients with the perfect, tailored backup and disaster-recovery solution for their individual business – so they always have secure and ready access to their critical data.

Looking for the perfect data solution for your business? Partner with us!

Eliminate the headaches of internal data backup management! Let the IT experts at LA Networks take this worry off your hands.

We scale with you! – As your business grows, so can your backup and disaster recovery solution from LA Networks.

Stop wasting your valuable time managing legacy backup solutions. Leverage the experience of IT professionals!

Have an existing Veeam installation and need someone to manage it? Not a problem, LA Networks will take care of your server virtualization needs.

Have other questions about your business technology?

  • Networking?
  • Security?
  • Data storage and recovery?
  • Communication?
  • Collaboration?
  • Anything else with your business IT?

We have the answers! Let’s talk.

Protect your data! Partner with the backup and disaster recovery professionals now by contacting LA Networks at (818) 333-4880 or info@la-networks.com